Yes! You’re Ready for a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training!

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Have you ever thought about taking a Yoga Teacher Training? Many people do, but most never feel like they’re ready. Our 200 hour teacher training is perfect for ANYONE who loves yoga, wants to deepen their personal practice, and is ready to make a positive change in their life and the way they approach the world and their body – with kindness and positivity.

How do you pick a Yoga Teacher Training program?

I find that people take teacher training for one of two reasons. They may be interested in exploring more of their own practice, or thinking about being a yoga instructor! Both are great reasons to take our teacher training!

I get several questions from folks interested in taking the teacher training – here are a few to help you make your decision:

What to consider in a yoga teacher training program:


Who Are the Teachers?

The leadership & expertise of a yoga teacher training sets the tone for your experience. Our training is lead by highly skilled teachers from within our studio who strive to bring yoga to a wide & diverse populations of people.

What Will You Learn?

Each training is designed uniquely, some yoga teacher trainings focus on philosophy, a particular methodology or approach. Our Blue Ridge Yoga Teacher Training Program is a unique training which is therapeutically based. The training will focus on an understanding of anatomy and how to teach towards different body types. Learn more about our training schedule and topics covered here!

Who is the yoga teacher training geared towards?


I’m not much of an athlete – can I still teach yoga? Yes! We are all different and beautifully unique – and this is something that should be celebrated! We believe that yoga is for EVERYONE – by taking our teacher training, you will feel comfortable safely sharing your understanding of the yoga practice with your community. Your relationship with yoga will deepen, along with the  friendships & connections you'll make along the way.

Remember - you can do this!

 If you’re passionate about yoga, take our training to expand your practice. You'll also learn how to share your passion for yoga with others. Our teachers and your fellow yogis look forward to learning and growing with you!

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