Yoga in the New Year: Sorting & Filtering

New Year, Clearer Vision! 

What to add, what to let go.

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The concept of New Year's is a human construct. The world  does not pause just because the ball drops. What we do have is a moment, if we choose, to pause and reflect on what in our life is working and what needs support. As the New Year progresses we encourage you to take some time to reflect and let go of 2016. Let us celebrate and welcome in the New Year with a resolution of mindfulness and health!  

First, pause reflect & take inventory.

Making time for weekly yoga classes is an easy way to invite in quiet time for introspection. You'll be off of your screen, and away from the chaos of day-to-day life long enough to actually hear the sound of your own breath and the steady pulse of your heart. Yoga is a chance for us to grow more physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga offers us more flexibility in our body, and way for us to age gracefully. The effects of the practice offer a release of stress and toxins that build up in the body. Yoga tones our body from the inside out by using breath and full body strengthening that leaves us feeling centered, focused and at ease.  Let go of all the negative and annoying self-talk! 

What happens next? More clarity.

Once you have created more space to unplug, Insight and inspiration are the natural results. Without even trying, you will have a better sense of what you need, what you want and the direction you are moving in. Yoga is so much more than a flexible body, and a peaceful mind, with time it brings the practitioner a clarity of vision that only comes from the compassionate application of gentle mindfulness, and the union of movement and breath. Self-transformation is the result of an increased awareness from our yoga practice!

Blue Ridge Yoga offers expert instruction, community, and connection so that you practice among your friends! We are dedicated to being a genuinely welcoming space, that meets you exactly where you are.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu

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