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Appropriate for all yogis - especially those new to yoga or returning to the practice:

Align & Flow

Suitable for beginners who have taken basic yoga and for practiced yogis.  Delve deeper into postural alignment for common yoga poses in a flow-style class. Feel safe and informed while generating heat in the body.


Great for beginners. This class is a comprehensive introduction to yoga. It is designed for beginners, but great for all yogis looking to brush up on the basics of yoga! Class focuses on fundamental yogic postures and techniques in a slow, detailed pace that can then be carried over into any other styles of yoga. Instructors will lead you through core breathing techniques, basic poses, postural alignment, and yoga philosophy.

Chair Yoga

Great for any age and any level! Seated chair positions mean no weight to bear, no floor work, and no pressure on the joints. This class moves at a more restorative, gentle pace with a focus on breath work.

Guided Meditation

Suitable for all levels. The secret to a full and happy life! Meditation is what connects you to yourself, lowers stress, and promotes a sense of calm and peace. Class is guided and accessible for everybody! 

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Suitable for all levels. Focuses on several series of supportive poses that promote bodily renewal and healing.  We use props, such as pillows, to gently open our body and target chronically tight muscle groups while using the breath to align our mind and spirits. This practice serves to restore the immune system, promotes the balance of the nervous system and helps to develop your own personal technique of deep relaxation.

Restorative & Yin

Suitable for all levels. This class fuses together a restorative yoga practice with a deep release of yin yoga.  This class will incorporate the supportive poses of restorative with the deep release of yin. Experience the benefits of these calming practices and leave feeling relaxed and restored!

Yin Yoga

Great for students with a basic knowledge of yoga. The perfect class for those looking to increase flexibility. Settle in to deep stretches that will create space in tight places. Yin yoga targets the underneath layers of the body that tend to be overlooked. Strengthen and lengthen tendons, ligaments, fascia, etc. during class and leave feeling open and calm.

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Appropriate for more experienced yogis:

Pilates, Abs, & Flow

Suitable for beginners who have taken basic yoga and for practiced yogis. A fusion of Pilates and yoga with an emphasis on core building. Increase overall strength and stamina with a moderately paced flow class blended with Pilates movements. Leave feeling stronger and longer!

Slow Flow

Suitable for beginners who have taken basic yoga and practiced yogis. This flow class is offered at a slower pace than traditional vinyasa, enabling deeper breath, and building an increase in strength, stamina, and flexibility. Leave feeling energized and balanced!

Strengthening Flow

Recommended for yogis with an established practice. This class is for yogis who wish to challenge themselves in a fast-paced setting in order to build strength. Prepare to cultivate a calm through the intensity of this practice. Experience the full range of traditional postures with variations not often explored.

Vinyasa Flow

Suitable for anyone who has developed a practice. Balance strength and flexibility with an intuitive and free-flowing style of Hatha yoga. In this class, we link breath and movement in continuous flow to free the mind and cultivate the spirit. Vinyasa cleanses through heat-building.

Yoga Sculpt

Strength building and muscle toning are the key components of this uniquely challenging class. Hand weights transform a traditional flow yoga class into a cross-training experience that will increase lean muscle mass and burn more calories. Expect an emphasis on strength building poses & movements that will leave you sweaty & strong! 

**24 pairs of weights will be available in either 3lb or 5lb pairs. Please feel free to bring your own weights!**

 Strengthening Flow