Blue Ridge Community

How we give back to Knoxville!


At Blue Ridge Yoga we are committed to supporting the community, and caring for those around us. Part of a holistic yoga practice is seva, or service. We take that seriously.  Blue Ridge Yoga has raised over $30,000  to benefit our community!


The Blue Ridge Way

In the one year Blue Ridge Yoga has been open, we have given back to the Ronald McDonald House in Knoxville, Yoga Gives Back, the Cancer Support Community,  Helen Ross McNabb, and Run 4 Their Lives.  We want our community to grow with us! 

Yoga has brought significant benefits to my life. I feel a sense of calm and relief since joining Blue Ridge. I'm originally from Ohio and had just moved to Tennessee in June, not knowing a single soul besides my husband here, and needed something to de-stress my life. I've found a family here at Blue Ridge and for that I will be eternally grateful. I've found that through yoga my once impulsive reactions/over-reactions have now since decreased and that i am able to think before reacting. Yoga has pushed my body and challenged my body, both physically and mentally, in ways that I did not know was possible. Thank you Jess and team for giving me so much, but most importantly a home away from home.

- Ashley B.

Some of our previous amazing partners:

Cancer Support Community

Thank you for your generous support! Together Blue Ridge Yoga raised $7,145.00 for the Cancer Support Community! Blue Ridge Yogis Rock!

Connie goes for the ear in this self defense class for women

Connie goes for the ear in this self defense class for women

Helen Ross McNabb Center

Fusion Marital Arts Club hosts a Self Defense workshop for Women to benefit Helen Ross McNabb.


Have a non-profit or charity you'd like us to connect with?