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Weekend  1
Standing Poses
Yoga Sutras
Yoga Ethics
Yoga History
Intro to Pranayama

Weekend 2
Forward bends
Meditation & Mantras
Yoga Sutras
Anatomy & Physiology pt. 1

Weekend 3
Anatomy & Physiology pt. 2
Prana Vayus

Weekend 4
Lateral poses & twists
Anatomy & Physiology pt. 3
Yoga as a Service - Seva
Yoga Sutras

Weekend 5
Seated/supine poses
Anatomy & Physiology pt. 4
Bhagavad Gita
Yoga Sutras

Weekend 6
Chakra System
Koshas & Nadis

Weekend 7
Traditional Sun Salutations
Sequencing Workshop
Hands-on Adjustments
Yoga for Special Populations

Weekend 8
Yin Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Curvy Yoga
Arm Balances

Weekend 9
The Business of Yoga
Final Review
Final Exam
Ayurvedic Cooking Class

 Please note:

Syllabus is subject to change, though all listed topics will be covered.
Additional information may be presented that is not referenced on this list.

Syllabus & Program is approved by the Yoga Alliance.

Please note: 

Participation in this program does not assure a teaching position at Blue Ridge Yoga. The program is not intended as training for future teachers at Blue Ridge Yoga. Teaching at Blue Ridge Yoga is a separate process. This program is designed to provide teachers with a strong foundation to develop their own unique teaching path and to deepen their personal practice.