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Weekend  1
Standing Poses
Yoga Sutras
Yoga Ethics
Yoga History

Weekend 2
Forward Bend Poses
Intro to Pranayama & Pranya Vayus
Anatomy & Physiology pt. 1

Weekend 3
Backbend Poses
Anatomy & Physiology pt. 2
Meditation Techniques

Weekend 4
Lateral Poses & Twists
Anatomy & Physiology pt. 3
Yoga as a Service - Seva

Weekend 5
Seated/Supine Poses
Anatomy & Physiology pt. 4
Bhagavad Gita
Mudras & Mantras

Weekend 6
Chakra System
Koshas & Nadis

Weekend 7
Traditional Sun Salutations
Creating a Vinyasa Flow
Hands-on Adjustments
Yoga for Special Populations

Weekend 8
Yin Yoga
Sequencing Workshop
Curvy Yoga
Arm Balances

Weekend 9
The Business of Yoga
Final Review & Projects
Special Surprise!

 Please note:

Syllabus is subject to change, though all listed topics will be covered.
Additional information may be presented that is not referenced on this list.

Syllabus & Program is approved by the Yoga Alliance.

Please note: 

Participation in this program does not ensure a teaching position at Blue Ridge Yoga. The program is not intended as training for future teachers at Blue Ridge Yoga. Teaching at Blue Ridge Yoga is a separate process. This program is designed to provide teachers with a strong foundation to develop their own unique teaching path and to deepen their personal practice. 

...the variety of teachers who are instructing us and the quality of instruction we receive is unparalleled. From the history of yoga and its philosophy, to anatomy, to sequencing a class, to the community support aspect of yoga, the Blue Ridge Yoga Teacher Training program offers so much for the student. Whether you are looking to deepen your own practice or teach yoga yourself, I highly and lovingly recommend this program!
— Ashley, TT 2018-2019