A More Personalized Yoga Experience in Knoxville


We encourage the manifestation of more love and kindness to ourselves and to others.

We are all beautifully unique, as should be our own personal practice – at Blue Ridge Yoga, all classes are taught to accommodate each student. As a community, we believe in encouraging wellness by teaching ways to modify each individual practice in order to suit your needs and work at any comfort level each time we come to our mat. Our yoga classes will explore balance, strength, awareness, flexibility, relaxation, and meditation using the breath as a guide – each meeting is an opportunity to explore and come to a better understanding of your own body and mind.

Choose from our many different yoga classes in Knoxville.

Our diverse range of teachers hail from a variety of yogic influences and traditions, creating a deep pool of knowledge and spirit within our yoga studio. We look forward to the gifts you will bring to our community so we can all enjoy the journey to more joy, more light, and more love in our lives!

Namaste, friends!