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Akashic Records: FREE Member-Only Workshop

 Your Journey: How the Akashic Records Can Assist You in Overcoming Roadblocks to Achieve Peace and Harmony

Please click photo for image source

Please click photo for image source

Join Molly Miketo with InfullSight to learn about the Akashic Records and how they are here to support you on every step of your Journey.  This class will benefit you if there is an area in your life where you constantly struggle, hit road blocks, or just can’t seem to ‘get it right’! In working with the Akashic Records, we are given more pieces to our life’s puzzle, so we can continue to assemble it with peace and clarity, revealing our true beauty! This will be an interactive experience, so come ready to play and create magic!   

Who: Anyone who seeks better understanding of the ‘problem areas’ of their life.  Anyone that likes to learn more about the spiritual tools available to us.

What to bring: Yourself, a notebook, and question(s) about perceived obstacles on your path/in your life

Preparation: It is ideal to be alcohol and non-prescription drug free at least 24 hours prior to this class.  We want our energy fields to be as clear as possible!

FREE workshop available to only Blue Ridge Unlimited Members.
Sign up at the front desk! Space is limited.


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