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Glow Like the 80's: A Dance Fitness & Yoga Experience!


Do you love all things 80's, from the fashion to the music? Then, come out to this one-of-a-kind Friday night experience! Dance like all of your favorite 80's films for 45 minutes, then switch it up for some glowstick yoga! You'll sweat it out and glow it up and then be ready to hit the town for some celebratory food and drinks after. So, grab your friends, put on your legwarmers, and let's go back in time! 

ALL proceeds from this class will go towards funding The Katharine Slowburn Experience's upcoming production, "The Slowburn Chronicles of 1983," coming July 14-15. Can't come but want to help make this production as amazingly 80's as possible? Purchase a pass and send a friend!

A limited number of tickets are available - priced at $11.42 - purchase here
Ticket must be presented at the door in order to participate. 
Please arrive early to check in at the desk and sign the liability waiver

Yoga class led by Blue Ridge's Ashley White!