Meet Debbie!

Debbie is our Curvy Yoga instructor!


Where are you from? I am the daughter of a navy man, so I am a navy brat, born in Rhode Island, raised in Chicago, IL. Went to college in Florida. Married a man who loved TN football, ended up in Knoxville.

What is your favorite yoga pose? My favorite yoga pose is downward dog. I love the stillness I can find there, and the playfulness with fun adaptations.

Where is your favorite place that you've traveled to? I love Alaska, people live there much simpler. The state is very sustainable.  The wildlife particularly the whales and eagles are amazing.

What do you like about teaching at Blue Ridge Yoga? I love the feeling of being part of a loving and caring community.  Giving back through our charitable causes. Most of all the supportive environment from the staff, teachers, and the best students. 

What do most people not know about you? I was born with a speech defect and did not talk until I was 6. I spent the next 20 years terrified of speaking in public. (Bet you didn't guess that)