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100% of graduates recommend our program!

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Hear from our recent graduates…

Yoga teacher training at Blue Ridge Yoga has been incredible...I cannot overstate how much this training has given me, from empowerment in my own practice to knowledge in safely instructing others. The pace of the program has given me the opportunity to integrate what we discuss over time, and the observations/mentorship has been invaluable. Very glad I didn’t travel abroad for a condensed program, and I highly recommend BRY for anyone in Knoxville looking to delve deeper into yoga. - Margaret, TT 2018-2019

An incredible yoga studio because of amazing teachers and staff, a welcoming atmosphere, support and encouragement, and their mission of giving back to their community! You feel better not just from the yoga but also from the people and the good that you do just from attending class. Love this place! - Cassie, TT 2018-2019

BRY is a lovely studio. Their 200 hour program was taught by a team of very knowledgeable and caring teachers. I felt like my training was well rounded and transformed my practice. My relationship with yoga was depended and I would 100% recommend this studio and their trainings. I really can't say enough! - Caitlin, TT 2018-2019

Wonderful studio. Fantastic yoga teacher training program. Great teachers & staff. 5 stars all around. - Luba, TT 2018-2019

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There is truly something for everyone at blue ridge yoga... they offer a wide variety of classes and the staff is very inviting and knowledgeable. Hands down my favorite studio! - Christina, TT 2018-2019

Blue Ridge Yoga is an amazing place! The teachers are terrific! My Yoga family!! Five stars!! - Debbie, TT 2018-2019

This place is AMAZING. If you've ever wanted to try out yoga but feel hesitant for any reason (body image, inexperience, fitness level, previous injury, or whatever it may be) this is where you need to be. I had only experienced yoga at community fitness centers prior to going to Blue Ridge, and I can honestly say, nothing compares. The teachers, the variety of class offerings, management, all of it- incredible! You won't regret checking it out. - Lauren, TT 2018-2019

Totally loved their Teacher Training. Blue Ridge is not only a wonderful yoga studio that offers all types of yoga including Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin and Meditation. It is more like a community!! - Rossy, TT 2018-2019

Blue Ridge is an excellent school. I felt supported by the knowledgeable staff and teachers. I graduated feeling like I had been given the best tools to lead many types of yoga. Love this place! - Danielle, TT 2018-2019

The teacher training program was an awesome experience! So grateful to all the staff, trainers, and members for making our group feel so welcomed and supported. - Anitra, TT 2018-2019

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I have been a student at Blue Ridge Yoga since January 2016. It feels like another home to me - I miss it when I am away! The studio offers a variety of classes for all skill levels, which is great for beginners and longtime yogis alike. The teachers come from different yoga traditions which I absolutely love because it ensures that you have the opportunity to experience and practice different styles with each class you take! What I am especially thankful for is Blue Ridge Yoga's Teacher Training program, of which I am a student. As of this writing, I am halfway through the training and could not have asked for a better program. As stated above, the variety of teachers who are instructing us and the quality of instruction we receive is unparalleled. From the history of yoga and its philosophy, to anatomy, to sequencing a class, to the community support aspect of yoga, the Blue Ridge Yoga Teacher Training program offers so much for the student. Whether you are looking to deepen your own practice or teach yoga yourself, I highly and lovingly recommend this program!

- Ashley, TT 2018-2019

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In 2016, I fell madly in love with yoga after a hot "Flow in the Dark" yoga class! I still remember the experience so vividly, because it literally changed my life. I was working in a job where I was constantly stressed out and never had any time for myself or my family. I began attending classes regularly to help decrease my anxiety and stress. 

I had toyed around with the idea of becoming a yoga instructor to share the benefits of my newfound passion with others. However, it just seemed attainable. It was expensive and I couldn't seem to find anywhere local that even offered a teacher's training. Not to mention, I didn't even know if I was really good enough at yoga to teach others. Plus, I was already trying to balance being a wife, mother, and working 50 hours a week. 

Fast forward to 2017, my son was about to start Kindergarten and I quickly realized that I was on the fast track to missing out on his childhood; time that was invaluable that I could never get back. Yoga had been teaching me to live in the present moment. I finally got the courage to quit that job and finally pursue my dreams. I began looking harder for somewhere local to take my 200-hour training. I finally found Blue Ridge Yoga and my life was forever changed! 

In 2018, I finally began my journey to become certified. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities that the Blue Ridge community has created for me! They made it possible for me to not only achieve my dream, but to believe in myself, as well! The other trainees and entire Blue Ridge community have become like my family! They inspire, encourage, and motivate me and I just feel so loved! 

The best part is, that they make every single person who walks through that door feel valued, important, and loved! That means so much to all of us, because we are all battling our own struggles. This is the true meaning of community, which is what yoga is all about! I am so incredibly proud to be able to be a part of this sweet and generous little community!

- Jasmine, TT 2018-2019