Meet Kris!

blue ridge yoga kris.png.jpeg

What is your favorite yoga pose? It is difficult to choose a single favorite yoga pose. I tend to treat the postures like medicine for whats ailing me and as a means for creative expression. Lately I have been loving Halasana or plough pose. Physically, it relieves my leg cramps after a run, but it also is so very calming and grounding. If you know me, I'm sure you understand how beneficial that is for me!

What is your favorite place you've travelled to? My favorite place that I have traveled to is actually right here in the U.S. It wasn't the destination but the way in which we travelled that made it such an amazing journey. I rode my bike across the U.S. and Canada and down the West Coast into the Bay Area. It is hands-down one of the best experiences of my life.  I discovered many things about myself on those long, quiet rides. I received the great blessing of sharing the adventure with wonderful people along the way. I got to connect with people from all walks of life whose beautiful, kind, and generous hearts taught me what I consider to be one of the most important truths for my life: We are all in this journey together, we need one another, and there is no greater gift in life than the love we share.

What do you like to do for fun? Fun! Yes, please! I love being with my family and friends, especially the kiddos. They are the epitome of fun! I love yoga, running, being on my bicycle, paddle boarding, travel, being in nature, gardening, photography, painting, playing my guitar, cooking...I think I have too many hobbies! Living is fun!

What effect has your yoga practice had on your life? I believe yoga has made me more courageous. In my early twenties, when I first discovered yoga, I discovered how confined I was by my fears and self-doubt. Yoga empowers me, humbles me, teaches me about acceptance, and my intention. I found a deeper love for myself, others, and life in general while on my mat. I learned to trust. The journey is certainly still underway, but I find that I can always return to my mat to find peace, to center myself, and to celebrate the miracle of being alive!

What do people not know about you? I suppose something most people do not know about me is that I had severe asthma as a child. Lesson grateful for every breath!