It's the Little Things...


Last night I gave myself the time and space to read back through my journal instead of just writing as I usually do. I stopped over the pages filled with my New Year’s Resolutions. I wrote about my fears and what I wanted to leave in 2017, as well as the ways I could fill my days with more joy in 2018. After carefully reading this section, I started a new page where I could celebrate all the tiny, little things that have changed.

These are things that most people wouldn’t blink an eye about, such as “reacted with less fear
when someone told me this again” or “was able to let go more when this situation came up.”
Yet these are my victories, so I took the joy in celebrating how I’ve grown in 2018. Yes, I’m still
learning, but, like yoga, life is also a practice.

I was recently reading a book by Brendon Buchard where he stated that every night he asked
himself: “Did I live today, Did I love, Did I matter?” I’ve started this practice myself which has
created more intention each day. Maybe your New Year’s Resolutions have a tendency to fall
flat, but instead of being disappointed, celebrate your small victories!

- Jess

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