Meet Noga!

Noga began practicing at Blue Ridge Yoga in 2016!

blue ridge yoga yogis.jpg

Where are you from? A small *Kibbutz in the north of Israel (a Kibbutz is a small collective community where the members share in the duties and profits equally regardless of their abilities or occupation)

How long have you lived in Knoxville and what do you like about living here? I moved to Knoxville in 2000. I love the pace and size of this city, people are very friendly and there are so many beautiful gems all over town that make you feel like you’re in the country!

When and why did you begin practicing yoga? I wanted to improve my overall health, strength, balance and flexibility. The gym just wasn't ‘it’ for me. I started practicing yoga 6 years ago in my living room using a DVD (I was too embarrassed to go to a Yoga class where I knew I’d be clueless). After a few weeks of daily practice at home, a friend invited me to join her for a class... I never touched that DVD since!!  After the first class I knew that I’ve been searching for yoga my whole life and didn’t even know it!  

What is your favorite thing about yoga? Ugh….so many things!!! On top of the physical benefits, I think yoga is like the best “Exchange Program” to exchange everyday stress and anxiety for feeling centered and calm. It opens my heart to the belief that feeling anxious and stressed is an option -- one that I can choose to opt out of.

What do you enjoy doing outside of yoga? In my spare time I enjoy crafting, reading, writing, and cooking, as well as spending time with friends. I try not to miss beauty wherever it shows up and to be thankful for it! Oh, and LAUGH EVERYDAY!!

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