Meet Matt and Flora!

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Matt and Flora began practicing at Blue Ridge Yoga in 2017!

Where did you meet? We met in Boston when we were both students there. Flora was getting her MBA while Matt was in grad school for nuclear engineering. With Knoxville's current weather, it feels like we never left!

How long have you been together? We've been together for over 3 years, even though we might come across like an old married couple.

When and why did you begin practicing yoga? Matt's first time doing yoga was here at Blue Ridge. Flora dragged him there since we live just a few minutes away and heard great things from a neighbor. That first strengthening class was quite the introduction to yoga!  Matt has since improved, and the strengthening class is now one of his favorites. Flora dropped into a few yoga classes when she was living in California but didn't make it a consistent part of her life until she found this studio.

How has yoga benefitted your relationship? We love that yoga is a consistent thing we can do together, that's also good for us.

What other hobbies/activities do you share as a couple? We like glassblowing, woodworking, and letterpress printing -- anything that takes us back by a century and gets us away from our tech-centered jobs.  When we're not making things, we enjoy exploring Knoxville since we're relatively new to the southeast.

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