Yes, your athletes need yoga!

Yoga has tremendous benefits for runners and athletes alike including increased flexibility, focus, and breath control. Our teachers are qualified in an additional 500hr certification in therapeutics to better work with clients on specific needs and injuries.

Our teachers will design classes based on your specific sport and group of athletes in order to determine which muscles are tight and underused to help the body become balanced. 


Yoga helps with focus and clear thinking which comes into play during high impact sports and snap judgments. Breath work increases the body's natural energy by increasing the oxygen in the blood.

How it works: We will design a 1 or 2 times a week yoga program for your sports team. Our packages start at 4 weeks with communication between the coach and yoga teacher.

What is included: We will provide mats and props for 15 people. Our teachers will travel to your location to do on-sight training. You may also use our studio facilities between regularly scheduled classes.

Costs: Costs are dependent on the amount of sessions.

The base rate for a 4 week program is $125 a class.

We offer 10% off for 8 sessions and 15% off for 12 or more. Our yoga teacher will discuss your needs so we can design an individual program that fits your team. We have experience working with the UT Tennis Team and Georgetown Rowers.  

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