I started Blue Ridge initially as a way to connect with my mother. We were planning to attend together and bond. We took one class together and I decided to sign up for 30 days. Thinking to myself "I'll just do this for 30 days..." I worked to get my $30 out of the month, so I came 3-4 times per week for the month. Midway in I realized I was a bit addicted to this place. The yoga was great... but even more so... Jessica and her warmth, welcoming nature, and the beautiful, safe, and kind environment she created at Blue Ridge- that was what I found addictive. That is the secret sauce that keeps me, and others, coming back. I leave each class glad, proud, and thankful. I'm also more flexible, moving my hops in ways I couldn't for the last 5 years. Thank you so much for all you do.

- Jennie B.

Yoga has brought significant benefits to my life. I feel a sense of calm and relief since joining Blue Ridge. I'm originally from Ohio and had just moved to Tennessee in June, not knowing a single soul besides my husband here, and needed something to de-stress my life. I've found a family here at Blue Ridge and for that I will be eternally grateful. I've found that through yoga my once impulsive reactions/over-reactions have now since decreased and that i am able to think before reacting. Yoga has pushed my body and challenged my body, both physically and mentally, in ways that I did not know was possible. Thank you Jess and team for giving me so much, but most importantly a home away from home.

- Ashley B.

For most of my life, I've dabbled in various sports, but I never really had a great passion or commitment to stay with them for any length of time. Though the longest athletic commitment lasted close to 4 years, the conviction wasn't there. I've only been practicing yoga for 5 months now, but it feels so different. I woke up at 7 A.M. for 10-12 weeks every Saturday, excited because I knew I was going to Randy's beginner series. It is incredible! I cannot begin to describe the transformation; for someone who talks and writes a lot, it's hard for me to express my gratitude to Blue Ridge Yoga and Randy, Jessica, Pam, and Meryl (I haven't taken every class yet!). Something magical, wonderful, and moving happened when I turned 25, spent 2 weeks in El Salvador visiting family, New Years in South Carolina... and when I took my first yoga class days after returning to Knoxville, I felt like it tied my "awakening experience" together. I feel so alive and much more aware, constantly learning more about myself. Yoga helps me to focus and to listen, to pay great attention. I catch myself recognizing my poor posture and stance and correcting it! I want to take better care of me, and yoga is helping on so many levels, some I'm sure I'm not yet aware of. 😄 My best friend taught me about falling in love with myself, how empowering it is to know you and all that you are capable of, to know that you are enough, so beautiful and loved. Yoga has only deepened this self-love. Because of where I work, I've come to know the holistic benefits of yoga and other like-minded practices. It wasn't until I showed up on an early, frosty morning in January that I finally knew how great and life-changing yoga really is. It is something that I dearly love and am immeasurably thankful for.

- Ashley S.

Yoga has made the biggest impact on my health. I have always exercised — step aerobics, always belonged to a health club, etc — but thought at 82 I was too old to try yoga. Jessica convinced me to try it and I have felt better in the last 3 months. My back problems are a thing of the past. Restorative yoga with Jessica is marvelous and I never thought I would quiet my mind enough to let go but it is a wonderful, peaceful feeling to be able to let go of the tension and find total peace. That is a totally new experience for me. Since starting yoga I have almost cured my insomnia and I have only taken a sleeping pill once. I have slept better than I have in a long time. I can't thank Jessica enough for opening this studio. I am just 2/10 of a mile down Grigsby Chapel so I can be here in 5 minutes. It has been the best thing I have ever tried. I even do it at home on the days I can't make it to the studio.

- Mary Ann L.

Yoga has made a huge impact in my life over the past year. I was diagnosed early last year with high blood pressure and I was having panic attacks that were interfering with both my personal and professional life. Since my practice has started, I am better able to deal with my anxiety, noticing when my triggers are getting ready to go/flee into panic mode, and able to step back and practice a variety of yoga breathing exercises and poses. While my blood pressure still tends to be high at times, yoga has kept me off medication. I love my yoga practice. I ache for it when I miss my bi-weekly practice. Nothing has ever calmed my mind as much as yoga. I am and will always be thankful and grateful for the beautiful yogis at Blue Ridge Yoga.

- Tammy M.

Yoga has literally changed my life. The commitment has made the focus away from so much emotional turmoil that I can face each day with more optimism and joy in love for my family and friends. Thank you so much for this yoga studio.

- Margaret M-E.

I have been practicing yoga on my own for 15 years in and out of studios that never quite "fit." I found myself wanting to really find my "vibe with my tribe" here in Knoxville and was looking for a yoga home. I found Meryl Kerns through massage therapy, who introduced me to Blue Ridge. I am always a little nervous meeting new people, but Jessica and Katie were so welcoming. My first class was amazing and I immediately signed up for the 30 for $30, soon followed by the monthly-unlimited plan. I love coming to the studio, and am quite bummed when work gets in the way. 😄 For more than 5 years (maybe 10) I have dreamed of the yoga teacher training and immersing myself more in my own passion. And now the 200-hour teacher training is coming to Blue Ridge and I can't wait. Blue Ridge makes me feel safe, warm, physically fit and mentally and spiritually healthy. I smile more and am making such happy connections. I feel like I have found my tribe and am home.

- Heather W.

Blue Ridge Yoga brings such joy to all of us. There is such a warm, welcoming, truly happy presence in this studio. So many fun friends! I knew from the moment I met you, Jess, and I told you- "you're going to do well." You have brought us love, light, and laughter and the ability to PLAY again... and often! I find such happiness just thinking about driving to class. Every class helps, heals, and makes me feel so wonderful. Better than anything EVER... gyms, Jazzercise- anything. Thank you for bringing such incredible positive sweet teachers to us! Yay!

- Cathy B.

Blue Ridge Yoga is my happy place to come when the workday is not so happy. I go back to work with more energy and a huge smile on my face. Jessica, Randy, and Val are teachers AND friends that I miss if I am unable to come to class. BRY and Jess you cannot move abroad!

- Amy H.

The Blue Ridge Yoga family is definitely a highlight in my health journey. The expertise of each and every teacher and practitioner here is evident, and this is truly becoming a "family" of yogis, meditators, and friends. Jessica has assembled such an excellent staff and created a well-run and nurturing business as well as a studio that has become home to so many of us.

- Betty T.







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