Gary Runyon

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Gary is an accomplished athlete with experience in multiple disciplines; he is a former professional-class mountain biker, IronMan triathlete, competitive soccer player, marathoner and has a profound love for all things fitness / nutrition-related. Gary has his 200-hour certification in Power Yoga, through a Baptiste Inspired Program with Mark White. He is currently earning a 500-hour with Kristine Kaoverii from Subtle Yoga.  The program focuses on yoga as a therapeutic modality in a integrative care setting whereby we design a patient-specific practice to treat various structural abnormalities and psychological conditions.

He was introduced to yoga after an injury but found it offered much more than physical rejuvenation, that the benefits of yoga extended well-beyond the mat.

"We live in moments, not hours, day or years. Accordingly, it is only when we realize the value of a single breath that we can begin to appreciate the beauty that is life. Yoga forged within me a sense of mindfulness, a deep-seeded connection to the present moment...which is all any of us ever really have. It taught me to slow down and be still in difficult times, to sit with discomfort, to embrace my authentic self and to breathe, just breathe. Yoga taught me that even through hardship, one should always feel gratitude. "


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