Welcome to our Wellness Center!

At Blue Ridge Yoga, we believe the healing arts can promote
emotional and physical wellbeing, thus improving overall quality of life. 

Don't wait any longer to give yourself the care you need

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy-healing technique used for stress relief and relaxation. By removing energy blockages and imbalances, Reiki helps subtle energy channels in the body function properly so that natural healing can occur. It is used in conjunction with all other healing modalities, including traditional medicine, to help heal the body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Benefits of Reiki…

  • Helps keep body systems in balance

  • Prevents disease

  • Emotional healing

  • Stress relief & relaxation

  • Reduces pain

  • Promotes wellness


What to expect in your Reiki Session…

When you walk into the Reiki room you’ll be greeted by relaxing music, essential oils diffusing, and the sound of the waterfall from our beautiful fountain. The room has been blessed before your visit, and its peaceful and serene setting will help you to relax and feel at ease. You’ll remain fully clothed while resting on a heated massage table. At this time, our reiki therapist Christina will begin with your Crown Chakra and continue through the seven major Chakras, ending at your feet. Her hands will project Reiki from a few inches away and very little touch is involved. After scanning your body to see where healing is needed, Christina will decide on an individual basis how to customize the healing for your needs. To finish, she’ll apply essential oils to your feet while giving them Reiki to seal the healing process.  


Reiki Rates:

60 Minute Reiki Session: $75

90 Minute Reiki Session: $105

Receive $15 off your first visit!

Students & Military men & women receive 10% off all services with a valid ID

Blue Ridge Unlimited Members receive a discount on all services (varies with membership type)


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