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For most of my life, I've dabbled in various sports, but I never really had a great passion or commitment to stay with them for any length of time. I've only been practicing yoga for 5 months now, but it feels so different. I woke up at 7 A.M. for 10-12 weeks every Saturday, excited because I knew I was going to Randy's beginner series. It is incredible! I cannot begin to describe the transformation; for someone who talks and writes a lot, it's hard for me to express my gratitude to Blue Ridge Yoga and Randy, Jessica, Pam, and Meryl (I haven't taken every class yet!). I feel so alive and much more aware, constantly learning more about myself. Yoga helps me to focus and to listen, to pay great attention. I want to take better care of me, and yoga is helping on so many levels, some I'm sure I'm not yet aware of. It is something that I dearly love and am immeasurably thankful for.

- Ashley S.