Specialties: Relaxation (Swedish) Massage

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After retiring from the business world, Marian completed the Therapeutic Massage program at Madison College in 2016 and became licensed as a massage therapist in Wisconsin. Her training included: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue & Trigger Point Therapy, with a secondary focus on geriatric, pre-natal, and oncology massage.  Following graduation, she worked as a therapist for Massage Envy, where she received additional training in aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. After completing the necessary requirements, she is now licensed as a Massage Therapist in Tennessee.

Marian believes massage, like yoga, is a form of self-care that provides a number of physical and mental benefits. Her experience with massage brought her awareness to focus on relaxation. For this reason, Swedish massage is her favorite. Stress is relieved during a relaxation massage as attention is given to tension patterns throughout the body. Swedish massage can help the body heal itself by stimulating the body’s circulatory and lymphatic systems. Also, a high level of relaxation can help prepare the body to allow healing to occur more rapidly.

Marian is delighted to join the talented team at Blue Ridge Yoga & Wellness. She believes everyone deserves yoga and massage as part of their self-care routine. She looks forward to working with you to customize your massage with the intention of bringing mind and body back into balance. When we are in balance our spirits can soar!