Yoga for Beginners

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For a lot of people seeing yoga for the first time, they can become intimidated because of how flexible everyone around them is.  You could get discouraged because you are not up to their level and you have to share a class with them. At Blue Ridge Yoga, we want to make your first classes a place of encouragement so that you can gain the confidence that you will one day be able to move like the yogis that have been practicing the movements for a while. In a beginners class with us, you will learn the following:

Yoga Basics

In a beginners class, we will be sure to teach you everything that you will need to know about the fundamental yoga techniques and postures that will allow you to move into any yoga class that you choose in the future. We will focus on breathing techniques, basic poses and teach you about the yogic philosophy.

Philosophy of Yoga

The philosophy of yoga is pretty easy: “mind, body and spirit are all one and cannot be clearly separated but there are many ideas that go deeper into this philosophy.” We will discuss some of these as time goes on. Yoga allows you to gain inner fulfillment and has been practiced for centuries.

The meditation that you practice with yoga gives you an inner peace that you cannot get anywhere else. You will also benefit from several health (help). To get started with creating that inner peace, contact us or sign up for a beginners class today.

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