I Am Finally Ready to Share My Story

Blue Ridge Yoga was my saving grace.

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3 years ago, I was living in an abusive relationship. It was an abuse that didn’t look abusive; it was the type of manipulation that left me devoid of self-esteem. While he complimented me constantly, it was only in ways that made me feel terrible about myself. This was also the time of my life that I was attacked 3 different times with machetes and guns. I felt like there was a gray haze over my eyes that covered the world. I went from a life of being upright to now feeling upside down and that nothing was right.

It was at this time I took a trip back to the US and booked a yoga retreat for myself hoping for some comfort. There was a woman sharing the room with me. Before I left the retreat, she pulled me aside and told me that she had had a dream about me that she needed to share. I watched tears stream down her face as she described me being chased by shadows of men carrying weapons. She said that I was scared and running away, but then I realized I was not running away, but I was running towards something, and it was all light. She told me that the pain I had suffered was only carrying me to the light. I cried, but I knew that I felt a truth to her dream.

I moved to Knoxville with no belief in myself or my abilities, but I started to work on building this studio. The studio began to take shape almost by itself, and I started to attract loving and supportive people to the space. As the studio grew, it was a project of love. I put my entire heart into the space, and I received so much love in return. Now as a different person, I look back at this journey with a sense of overwhelming gratitude. It is with confidence that I say the practice of yoga works, service works, and love is the essential part of healing ourselves.

- Jess

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