Christina is a Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® Master and yoga instructor who is passionate about helping people heal physically, mentally, and emotionally by balancing and clearing any stagnant energy that may be stuck or blocked in the chakra system which can cause illness and disease. Christina uses doTERRA essential oils and chakra crystals in her practice to create a unique healing experience.

Christina was led to study and learn energy work while grieving the loss of her grandmother and trying to remain positive for her children. During this time, she met her Reiki Master, Sandy Pullins of Reiki Balance and Bliss, who took Christina under her wing for the next 4 years attuning her to the first 5 levels of Reiki. When Christina realized how powerful Reiki was, she knew she had to share this gift with others. Christina has always been a healer, but now she had the tools to truly make a difference. The combination of Reiki and yoga have changed her life drastically by bringing balance and peace. Let Christina help you achieve this in your life, too!